Monday, March 26, 2012

Paper Plate Flowers

Paper plates are a staple in my supply cupboard. I use them all the time - for parties, yes, but also as makeshift paint palettes and for making face masks, hats, and now flowers!

The idea for this particular activity just sort of evolved. It began with cutting some petal shapes into the rim of a paper plate for Eden to wind yarn around; she had to concentrate to do this, which was a good stretch for her, I think, and she was fascinated by the patterns made by the strands (I will have to try this again with a bit of cardboard and get her to colour in each shape made by the yarn, but that's another post...).

She did colour in a bit of the flower, which was as far as my original idea extended, until inspiration struck! My lovely mother had given us a bag of de-stemmed fake flowers to use in our play/art time, and here was an opportunity to use them: Eden threaded a few onto her flower, to make it "even prettier than a real one, Mummy!"  

Add a green pipe cleaner 'stem' taped to the back, and we're done!

Seasonally, I may have missed the boat (it being Autumn/Fall in Australia now), but this would make a great idea for a Spring activity. If you were to do this for a group of kids (or for a class) the flowers would look striking grouped en masse, displayed with paper grass and butterflies, etc. We have hung ours up in the girl's playroom from a fishing net we have suspended across our ceiling, and it looks quite pretty. Maybe a few more wouldn't hurt...

Thanks for reading! ~ L.

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