Kid Wrangling, by Kaz Cooke - a great go-to resource covering just about every parenting topic from teething and feeding to development and schooling. It's like an encyclpaedia for parents. Has wonderful, simple play ideas too!

Save Our Sleep, by Tizzie Hall - this book has been an invaluable resource in our household. Has advice on weaning and feeding, as well as routines and settling bubs to sleep. An absolute necessity in the arsenal of every parent. Also available in a toddler edition.

The Contented Little Baby, by Gina Ford - has some good general advice and tips, although I found it to be a little disjointed in places. Nevertheless, a very worthwhile read.

Play Time, by Elspeth and Fiona Richards - a must-have! Authored by a mother-daughter team, this book is extremely practical. It is especially useful for setting up incidental learning and incorporating games into every day activities like eating and bathtime. This wil be in a few Christmas stockings this year.


Play School - has creative play ideas from the popular TV show. Includes crafts, recipes and printables. Just a note: many of the crafts require a bit of preparation or a few items to set up. You may want to plan in advance and prepare the activities the night before.

Baby Centre - a great resource for many parents already. Check out the 'Let's Play' sections for your child's age, but don't be afraid to look at activities for older/younger children too, depending on your little one's development.

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