Activities Index

For Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers:
Alphabet Book: A
Arctic Sensory Tub
Australia Day Fun
Bash Bag
Bubble Painting
Christmas: Bow Sorting
Christmas: Foam Pictures
Christmas: Hand Trees
Christmas: Ornaments
Christmas: Sensory Tub
Christmas: Wreaths
Christmas: Wreaths, part 2
Colour Day
Coloured Rice Play
Coloured Sand Art
Counting Cards
Cubby Play
Drip, Drip, Drip
Egg Carton Stamping
Everyday Activities
Everyday Play
Feely Bag
Foam Fun
Fruit and Vegetable Shop
Fruit Baskets
Gingerbread Men: Storytelling
Ice Treasures
Jelly Play
Junk Modelling
Leaf Paper
Lego Rubbings
Making A Mobile
Meat Tray Sewing
Money Magnifying
Money Sorting
Moon Sand: Attempt #1
Muffin Tray Sorting
Nature Collage
Nature Printing
No-Mess Toddler Painting
Nursery Rhyme Sequencing
Oil Pastel Pictures
Open-Ended Bags
Outdoor Chalk Art
Paint Chip Memory Game
Paint Chip Memory Game 2
Painting: Big Canvases
Painting: Canvas Boards
Painting: Watercolours and Oil Pastels
Painting: Watercolour Experimentation
Paper Plate Flowers
Pasta Sorting
Peg Matching Game
Picture Eye Spy
Pipecleaner Sewing
Pipecleaner Threading
Playdough Fun
Playdough Snowmen
Playdough Sweet Shoppe
Pom Pom Sorting
Potato Printing
Pouring Station
Pre-Mix Cupcakes
Pretend Cooking: Concoctions
Pumpkin Exploration: Painting and Potion-Making
Quiet Time Boxes: Explorer
Quiet Time Boxes: Girlie Girl
Quiet Time Boxes: Life Skills
Quiet Time Boxes: Numeracy
Reading: File Folder Games and Flashcards
River Stones
Rose Petal Sensory Tub
Sandpaper Pictures
Scrubbing Shells
Shell Sorting
Skills: Using Scissors
Skills: Washing Clothes
Small World Play: Fairy World
Small World Play: Portable Doll's House
Spaghetti Sensory Tub
Stamping with Toilet Rolls
Starter Art, Refashioning with Stickers, and Nuts & Bolts
Sticky Pictures 
Tops 'N' Tails
Valentines Day Playdough Treats
Water Play
Water Play and Pouring
Wet Chalk Drawings
Yoga for Kids

For Babies:
Bubbles Play
Cotton Wool Ball Play
Fingerpainting for Babies
Heads and Shoulders, Knees and Kisses
Jelly Play
Kitchen Items
Kitchen Mini-Mobiles
No-Mess Painting
'On and Off' Bag
Open-Ended Baby Basket
Pom Pom Transferring
Pouring Station
Sensory Cards
Shell Treasure Box
Sorting - Baby Style
Tins of Fun
Treasure Baskets
Treasure Baskets Part 2
Treasure Baskets Part 3
Water Play for Babies

DIY Stuff :

Alphabet Albums
Felt Box
Handprint Keepsakes
Improvised Apron/Smock
Small World Play: Portable Doll's House
Valentines Day Personalised Poster

Other Parenting Posts:

Independence: Food Preparation
Independence: Setting the Table

Painting: Storage and Displays
Positive Parenting

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