Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Coloured Rice

So simple to make, so easy to use and it provides you with so many play options! I made a few batches of coloured rice yesterday (see the recipe if you want to try it, cinch!) and set up a 'pouring and transferring' table for Eden. I just laid a sheet on the floor, put some mixed coloured rice into a roasting tray and gave her a broad serving spoon (to use as a shovel), a funnel and a cup. Then I put some rice into containers by colour, so she could mix it up herself. As you can see in the photos, she really enjoyed it, and it occupied her in some quiet, solo play for over an hour (woo-hoo)!

For a different experience, I set it up again this afternoon with bits from her tea set and some of her play pots, pans and utensils. She had a ball serving rice tea and pouring it from the teapot into the cups (see below).

At nearly six months old, Ava is obviously to young to play with rice in the same way as Eden, so I put some rice into a medium sized ziplock bag and put a few little objects in it (see photo below) and sealed the bag up with masking tape. She mushes it around with her hands (and her feet) to find the objects hidden by the rice. It's actually a very tactile activity for her, even though she's feeling the objects through the plastic, but obviously requires supervision, just in case the bag breaks.

Other coloured rice activities which I intend to try include:

  • Pouring some into plastic bottles to form shakers.
  • Pouring some into a cardboard cylinder and sealing up the ends, getting your tot to decorate the cylinder with stickers or oil-based crayons to make some more shakers!
  • Drawing a basic picture (or a letter/number) onto stiff cardboard with a thick marker, covering the picture with PVC and letting your littlie sprinkle rice over it. Leave to set for a few minutes, then shake off the excess.
  • Using the rice to make some beanbags (ok, ricebags) from felt. You'd obviously have to do the sewing yourself, but your toddler could 'paint' a picture on the bags with fabric paint, or they could superglue sequins or lace onto it. 
I'm sure there are heaps of other ideas out there, feel free to post ideas you have in the comments section! ~ L.

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  1. Oh this looks like a bunch of fun! I may have to borrow it for my daughter's Birthday. She's having a rainbow theme. Thank you so much for linking up to Baby Play Friday!

    1. Thanks Kristin, I hope your little girl enjoys it as much as mine did! :)

  2. Cute idea! This might be a great idea of something to carry with me on those days when we have doctors appointments and such. I think it would keep all three of my boys busy for a little bit. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! I'm your newest follower too! :D

  4. I love how colorful your rice is. Wonderful sensory activity! Stopped in from the Show & Tell blog hop and am following you now.

    1. Thanks Jenny! Hope you have a great weekend! :D


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