Sunday, October 9, 2011

It's Art, Dah-Link!

Toddlers often fall in love with painting from the first time they try it, and in our home that meant that at least twice a week we have to do some painting. This is a lot (to me) when you consider that life still happens! Playgroup, shopping, library story time, catching up with friends, playdates, cooking, playcentres, housework... and painting twice a week.

This causes some dilemmas! Firstly, it means I have to come up with different painting experiences for Eden (eg. Watercolours, fingerpaint, nature painting, and I have a dozen more ideas I've yet to try). Secondly, it means we end up with a lot, a LOT of paintings. I believe it is very important to display your child's artwork in your home, it gives them a sense of pride and boosts their self-esteem to know that something they have made is on show. So, that meant that a full wall in our home was always covered in Eden's art (see photos). Even then, I have to edit and let her choose her favourite pieces - she is very prolific.

  My solution for the second dilemma has been to buy a number of bright frames (see IKEA for the same ones we bought, cheap too) and to put them up with those removeable adhesive hooks. This has served to really showcase Eden's best art pieces. I let her play the art curator and select her fave pieces to display. Then I take photos of the rest of her art that she likes, and I plan on printing up the photos and letting her stick them into a scrapbook-album (I got ours for under $10 from Sam's Warehouse) so we can still show off her art, but the walls are spared! Also, will be a beautiful keepsake to show her when she's 21 :)

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