Thursday, October 6, 2011

Colour Day

Last week, I declared that we were having a 'Green Day', and we had so much fun that every morning since, Eden asks me "today is a green day, Mummy?"
This one is great for toddlers, and I reckon it's appropriate for 12 months and over. A one year old may not thoroughly grasp the game, but I think you'll be surprised at how much they understand and file away in those rapidly developing minds of theirs. In any event, it's a lotta fun!
We all wore green clothes and some of Mummy's green jewellery. We had green porridge for brekky (normal porridge with a couple of drops of food colouring in it), ate from green bowls and drank from green cups. Lunch was green apples, yoghurt (another drop of food colouring) and cheese - I know it's not green, two points off for me, and dinner was spinach fettacine with basil pesto (a fave in our house). We read 'Green Eggs and Ham' by Dr. Seuss and 'Where Is the Green Sheep' by Mem Fox. We went for a walk and talked about all the green things we could see. Eden used a green bath crayon in her bath time.We baked gingerbread men wearing green-ish aprons - I don't have any properly green ones. Eden had such a wonderful time, and so did I.
If I had planned it out better, we could have played with playdough in yellow and blue, and mixed it together to make green. Or done the same with paint. I could have made green eggs and ham to eat whilst we read the book. We might have done some pasting with green paper/cellophane/crepe paper.
In future, I'm planning to do another colour day, and - just putting it out there - I thought I'd make it a bit of an event: anyone who's interested can come, we could all meet up at a park for a picnic lunch with our kids, and everyone in the same colour! Lemme know your thoughts, anyone can add a comment. Also, feel free to follow this blog - I love followers! ~ L.

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  1. Sounds like lots of fun. We'd love to come to a colour day picnic :-)


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