Thursday, October 6, 2011

Exploring Kitchen Items

Exploring kitchen items by Mama Lauz
This is one for the babies. Simply set your baby down somewhere safe and put some safe kitchen items within reach. I tend to do this in categories, such as:
  • Containers and lids, with rounded edges,
  • Metal things such as whisks, cooking spoons, measuring spoons, colanders
  • Plastic things like Eden's plates, bowls and cups, lunchboxes, spatulas, measuring cups
  • Soft things like teatowels, UNUSED sponges and chux wipes and rubber gloves
*Note: do not leave your child to do this unsupervised. These items are safe enough, but you don't want your baby biting a corner off a sponge and choking on it.
Small babies, like my daughter, may need help to hold some awkward items.This activity is great for facilitating exploration and letting your bubs try many different textures. As your child gets older, they will enjoy putting items inside one another, stacking containers, and sorting into categories. This could also lead into role playing for toddlers; Eden loves pretending to cook with my utensils whilst Mummy makes dinner.

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  1. I've set this up for my 15 month old and she loves it :-) I purchased a kids kitchen tool set (mini wooden spoon, mini whisk, mini spatula etc..) and dedicated a kitchen draw for kitchen things that she can play with. She particularly enjoys putting objects into her jug and stirring them with her spatula. So cute to watch her pretend to cook!


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