Monday, October 24, 2011

PLAY TIME ~ OCT 24th - 31st

This week, play with an EGG CARTON.

At some point this week, try a game or activity with your little one that you've never played before, which involves an egg carton.
For a baby, this may be putting a favourite small toy inside the carton, closing it and then opening it again, to teach the concept of object permanence. For a toddler, you might use the cups for sorting (thanks Kim for that idea!) or make a caterpillar out of it.
Please post your game either in the comments attached to this post or on our Facebook page (where you can include photos if you like), so we can inspire other parents with our ideas! Also, a big thank you to Nicki and Andrea who have shared their ideas from Play Time from the past two weeks!

1 comment:

  1. We experimented with coloured water and watched what happened to the water when it was put in an egg carton. I gave Rubie a medicine dropper, some cups containing coloured water and an egg carton. I showed her how to squeeze the dropper and transfer water into the egg carton. She enjoyed this so much that she took control of the activity and fussed whenever I tried to offer her assistance :-)


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