Monday, October 10, 2011

Heads and Shoulders, Knees and Kisses!

I used to play this game with Eden when I was teaching her about body parts, and now I love watching Ava enjoy it. If the room is warm enough, have your baby just in her nappy - maybe before a bath? - and name parts of her body over and over, whilst kissing that part. "Look, this is Ava's leg *kiss, kiss*, and this is Ava's tummy *kiss, kiss* and I see Ava's hand! *kiss, kiss*", and so on. Babies just giggle and squeal! After all, they're getting three of their favourite things; your time, your attention and your affection. For more on the importance of affection for your baby, check out this book.
For older tots, play the game the same way, except every now and again, deliberately misname something, to see if they pick up your mistake. This checks their comprehension skills and you may be surprised at how much they've understood. If they do pick up your mistake, pretend to be confused and give more kisses to 'check'; [kissing the arm] "This is Ava's Are you sure? *kiss, kiss* hmm, I think it's Ava's head *kiss, kiss*...oh, I was wrong, it's Ava's arm! *kiss kiss*". I don't know if this game actually helps your child to learn body parts, but hey, any excuse to smooch our little bubbas!

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  1. This gets Rubie giggling, she absolutely loves it and so did I :-)


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