Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bash Bag Fun!

This activity was a big hit ('scuse the pun)! Eden and I tore sheets of paper out of some catalogues and scrunched them up into balls (both tearing and scrunching help develop  important fine motor skills) and stuffed a shopping bag with the paper until full. I tied the bag up and attached some yarn to the handles, and hung it above a doorway. Then, armed with a spatula each, Eden and I batted it back and forth; great for teaching cause and effect and for hand-eye co-ordination.
Other ways to use the bag:
  • Kick it around (for younger children) or to set up some 'goals' with a few chairs and play soccer with it
  • Tie it to a sturdy overhanging branch outside, just within your child's reach to encourange jumping
  • Make a few bags up and cover with a towel/sheet to make a scrunchy bed for toys
  • Play hockey with it and a long cardboard cylinder (for the hockey stick)
  • Stick a line of masking tape on the floor and get your child to try hitting the bag along the length of the line, from one end to the other
Let me know any other ideas you come up with via the comments (anyone can post a comment). Have fun!


  1. So simple yet so fun - great idea!

    1. Thanks Leanne, it is surprisingly fun! Thanks for joining, and welcome! ~ L.


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