Friday, October 7, 2011

Pre-Mix Cupcakes

I love cooking and baking with my daughter, but whatever we make has to be easy easy easy. Toddlers just don't have the patience for recipes that involve a lot of waiting around, or that has a lot of steps which they can't be involved with (ie, lots of stovetop cooking, chopping and dicing veggies, etc). Easy recipes rule the roost when is comes to cooking with littlies, and you can't get much easier than pre-mix cupcakes.
Donna Hay does a delicious choccy cupcake mix, which Eden and I tackled just after she turned two. I like to keep a pre-mix box in the pantry as a rainy day activity; nothing better than spending the time with my beautiful daughter, teaching her new skills, seeing the pride on her face when the cakes come out of the oven, and then enjoying them together with a glass of milk.
Chocolate may not be the best flavour for my daughter though....

Eden before eating cupcakes:                 Eden after eating cupcakes:

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