Monday, October 17, 2011

Alphabet Albums

How did it get to be October so quickly? I realised, to my dismay, that there are only two and a bit months left until Christmas, and I'm woefully behind on my Chrissy shopping.
I've been making up an alphabet album for Eden with photos of us, her toys and things that matter to her, and I've decided to make some for my friend's children (with photos of their families). Here's a few samples of some of our pages:

Alphabet albums are not just a good way of teaching your child the alphabet (which E. has known for a while), I'm going to be using it to teach her about the sounds that different letters make (phonetics) and how we can hear those sounds in words. She knows a few of them, but other letters are harder to teach. For example, she knows that 'A' is for 'Ava', but doesn't yet understand that 'A' can make a number of other sounds (think of words like 'astronaut', 'ask' or the sound 'a' makes in 'card'). Also, as she develops further in her understanding I can swap some of the pictures out and put some more difficult words in or put them into simple sentences. Plus, she can spot her own things in the pictures and the bright colours look attractive and will hopefully hold her interest.

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