Saturday, October 15, 2011

Paint Chip Memory Game

I love paint chips, they're so versatile! I won't go into it here, but expect to see a few games/activities in future featuring these chips, 'cause they've got about a dozen uses. Best of all, they're free, and recyclable!
My hubby went to Bunnings and grabbed a stack of various paint chips, and the ones that he got duplicates of, I'm going to use as a memory game. Simply get two or three matching pairs of paint chips, turn them coloured side down, and get your toddler to turn them over two at a time. The aim is to find the matching pairs.

If the game turns into something else (like pretending the paint chips are play money, or cakes, or important paperwork, etc), then go with it. If your child isn't ready to play a memory game, don't push them, as that will only put them off even more. Eden has a memory like a steel trap, so I'm thinking she's ready for this. I'll only start out with two pairs, and go from there.

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