Monday, October 17, 2011

Foam Fun

You have to buy a pack of foam sheets (try saying that five times fast, foam sheets, foam sheets, foam sheets...). They're only 50 cents for a pack of 10 sheets (yup, I just double checked my receipt, 50 cents folks!), and they're such a versatile item to add to your craft box.
I drew some basic shapes onto some sheets with a pencil, then cut them out - keeping the off-cuts too, as they tend to make the most interesting forms. I gave them to Eden with a shallow container of water and a sponge brush, and she brushed the foam shapes with water and stuck them to the window.
 The concept is for your child to create pictures on the windows, - which Eden did, but then she put the sponge brush away and started soaking the foam in the water. She told me she was washing them 'til they were nice and clean, then hanging them out to dry. She also used some squares as sponges, cleaning up the drops of water on the floor ("is messy, messy, messy. That's better, hooray!"). She's been at it for an hour and a bit now, with no signs of abating!
I found this idea at Inspiration Surrounds, Creativity Abounds and will definitely use it again!


  1. Laura! You are waay toooooo talented! I love these even though I'm not a parent. So many of your activities are things I used to do with my Prep classes. LOVE LOVE LOVE checking it out!
    Kate :)

  2. Thank you Kate, feel free to contribute any ideas from your experience with the preppies! I'm sure parents (and myself) will appreciate your input! Lauz :)

  3. Rubie (15mo) loved this so much that she initiated the activity again today. She took her jug and whisk (its kind of the same shape as a brush) out of her utensil draw, took them to the window, dipped the whisk in her empty jug and proceeded to 'paint' the window. She was delighted when I caught on to her plans and swapped the whisk for a brush and put a little water in her jug.


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