Friday, October 7, 2011

Oil Pastel Pictures

 I know it looks like scribble to most people, but to me this is very artsy. I love the look of these pictures. We have about a dozen of them, 'cause my little girl got caught up in her creativity (woo hoo!), and I think these pics are so effective.
All that's required is some black paper and oil pastels. Of course, you can use whatever colour paper you like, but black is a great foil for bright colours.
 I located my oil pastels, covered the coffee table in newspaper and let Eden knock herself out. It actually occupied her for over an hour, and she kept telling me "it's ok Mummy, you can go now" (!) so it turned out to be a great activity for her to do with minimal supervision. If you plan on trying this out with your littlies, make sure they're wearing old clothes or a smock, - you'd be surprised where the oil pastels end up. Eden had smudges on her neck and under the coffee table!
A variation of this activity which I have yet to try, is to use the oil pastels on white paper, then getting Eden to do a wash with some watercolours over the top. I think either variation could result in some wonderful pictures to use for making cards. ~ L.


  1. You are very clever! This actually reminded me of when I was a kid. I used to take a white piece of paper, and with a variety of colourful crayons colour in patches of the paper until it was completely covered. Then I would use a black crayon to create a top layer - so the paper would then look completely black. Then I would take a paper clip (or some other strong but blunt object) and scratch/draw pictures on the paper. This would then take off the black layer, uncovering the various colours underneath. The end result was that my picture was multi-coloured, with a black background. I absolutely loved it! :)

  2. Thanks for that tip Bethany, sounds like a great idea!


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