Thursday, October 6, 2011


One of my greatest pleasures is watching my amazing daughters, Eden (2yr, 9m) and Ava (5 months) grow and develop and learn. They're so inquisitive about EVERYTHING and love to explore their environments in differents ways. Eden will investigate, prod and poke, take apart and reassemble anything she can, whilst Ava, ... well, Ava puts things in her mouth. Give the kid a break, she's only a baby.
In the midst of our busy lives, it's often easy to forget the importance of play for our children. We put time and thought into their food, their health, their socialisation, their physical development, but how much thought do we put into their playtime? Stimulating play can actually help develop our children in all of these ways, and with a little time and creativity (and occasionally, a little patience and a lotta soap) we can provide opportunities for our kids to learn more than toys or TV can teach.
I am passionate about playing with my kids, having had the advantage of an amazing mum who happened to specialise in early childhood development, and who used her training to give me a childhood full of wonderful memories to draw on in my own parenting. She has been a rich resource for the days when I can't think of what to do with my toddler, and many of the ideas here are inspired by her.
Through this blog, I hope to inspire other parents who, like myself, want to provide those opportunities for creative, constructive play. The ideas shared here are drawn from my own experiences with my children, from my mother's training and extensive professional experience, from books and blogs and some wonderful fellow mums and dads. Please, feel free to add your own ideas via the comments section; two heads are better than one (and more heads are even better! Does that make sense? Hmm). Looking forward to hearing about your tots and activities!
- L.

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