Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Magnifying Money

Eden is sooooo my daughter. I found my old collection of foreign currency recently and thought Eden may be interested in checking it out. So, on a busy (for me) day, I took a handful of interesting coins, brought out the kiddies magnifying glass and watched in awe as Eden examined each and every coin in minuter detail. Every. Single. One. Honestly, she was absorbed for almost an hour.

I flitted around the lounge area, doing some of the hundred things that need doing daily, and chatted to Eden about the numbers and pictures on the coins.
Whilst I was doing the laundry: "Mummy, why is this one gold? Where's it coming from? It's not from Australia? Why? What's this one for?"
Whilst I was doing dishes: "This one's not too shiny. We can clean it? Why's it brown for?"
Whilst I was feeding Ava: "Can I put this in my money box? Why not? It's gone all wavy on the edges. It's a pretend one? This one's bigger than that one"...
...and on it went.

You could use these types of questions as a springboard for discussing other nationalities and cultures, or you could tie it in to a World Map and show your child the countries where each type of currency comes from.
I am actually planning to do a series on Intercultural Studies with my kids (I won't call it that to them, of course!) where we'll look at flags, currencies, national dress, dancing/music, traditions, beliefs, etc. It'll be over the course of a few weeks, and I'll have some printables to share if you choose to participate. Stay posted! ~ L.


  1. I used to have a good bit of foreign coin from when I worked as a bank teller...I should find it, because I think my oldest would really like this activity! I'm sure I would hear many of the same questions!

    1. Ah, yes, the questions! Gotta love it!
      Next up for us is cleaning the coins...Eden is into cleaning everything, especially small things like coins and shells!


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