Monday, January 23, 2012

Sorting - Baby Style

I stumbled across this idea a while ago on The Imagination Tree, and thought I'd give it a go now that little Miss Ava is 9 months old, in the hope that she would not just put everything straight into her mouth.
The activity is to cut up a cardboard cylinder into chunky pieces, lay out a muffin tray, and let your littlie go to town filling and emptying the tray with the cylinders.

Of course, Ava put the cylinders straight into her mouth until they were so soggy I was concerned she would end up eating the cardboard. It was one of the few Play Fail's that I've had with Ava - she's normally totally happy to tackle any opportunity for exploration that comes her way. Unfortunately, I think that her budding teeth (and hence her need to rub her gums against every possible surface) got in the way this time. I'll be trying again soon - wish me luck.

In the meantime, I gave her a few wooden spoons instead and she had a ball banging them on the tray and, of course, chewing on them. I hope you have more success with this than I did, if you decide to give it a go!
Thanks for reading! ~ L.

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