Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Treasure Baskets Part 3.

Since my now seven-month old is teething and everything goes straight into her mouth, I thought a soft play basket was in order this time. 

In our basket was the following: a facewasher, a crochet headband, a leather pouch (LOTR fans, it is what you think it is), a make-up brushes folder, a bath mitt, a bath sponge, a foam block, a silk scarf, a doilie, a fabric flower, a netting bag stuffed with scrunched up paper, a leather purse, a mini silicone oven mitt, a scourer, and lastly, a baby hat.
Of course, everything is covered in baby dribble, but that's part of the fun! Ava loves the sound of the paper in the netting bag, and the feel of the silk scarf, but her fave is the leather purse - a shame, because it's my fave too! *Sigh. One day I'll get it back ... I think.

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