Monday, November 28, 2011

Water Play - Baby Version

I wish I had thought of this earlier! On a warm day recently, I put a bit of water into a shallow container, popped baby Ava into her highchair and added some bits and pieces for her to play with: plastic toy food, a rubber sieve, measuring spoons, wooden spoon and a spatula. Then, I stood back and let the splashing begin! 
She really enjoyed the opportunity to bang the objects around in the water and see how much water she could spread around the room. However, I think the whole experience may have been overshadowed by her teething. Once the novelty of splashing wore off, everything went into her mouth to be tested as a teething toy.
Next time, I'll add a little funnel, spoons and shallow cups, and prepare for the drenching to begin! If we had our outdoor decking done (our backyard is a work in progress) I would have set it up out there: no clean up! ~L.

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