Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pouring Station

When my floors get dirty again, I'll give this another go. Unfortunately, Eden did not play at it for long, but I think it's because I offered it at the wrong point in the day - just before her nighttime routine. Not a good idea. Nevertheless, I think she'll enjoy it if I set it up earlier in the day.

All I did was give her some bowls, of various sizes, a plastic jug, a ladle and a spoon, and some homemade funnels (cut a milk container or soft drink container in half), along with some pasta, hair beads, chickpeas and pearl barley. The felt (pictured above) was added to the bowls when I realised how LOUD this activity could be; my baby was sleeping in the next room at the time, and I was worried about waking her.
Eden's really at that stage where pouring and transferring activities are so much fun! She seems to find a way to incorporate it into just about everything she does, so I thought she's enjoy it. Ah well, as they say 'the best laid plans of mice and men do oft go astray'. Better luck next time!

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