Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sensory Tub: Christmas Style!

You may have already gathered, but I LOVE Christmas, and I've been incorporating it into as many of our activities as I can without my daughter getting sick of it. 

So, this is our Christmas-inspired sensory tub. I put some white rice in there - I was going to colour the rice red and green with this coloured rice recipe but I ran out of time - and some silver Christmas tree confetti (or whatever they're called) as the base. Then I added bits of tinsel, some felt ornaments, an angel ornament and some other sparkly ones too, some candy canes, some textured gift-wrapping ribbon, a glittery star, some of those ribbon gift-topper thingys. Last but not least, a glittery wire Christmas tree to decorate.

Eden thought some ornaments would make nice earrings. :)
She seemed to enjoy exploring the items one at a time, more than actually combining them to decorate the little tree. She also thought the confetti trees were stickers, and tried to attach them to her face!
There's not much time left before Christmas now - will you throw a Christmas sensory tub together before then?

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