Tuesday, December 13, 2011

PLAY TIME ~ DEC 12th - 18th

This week, play with STICKY TAPE.

At some point this week, try a game or activity with your little one that you've never played before, which involves sticky tape.
Once again, I think we'll all have a bit of this lying around in the lead up to Christmas. For a baby, you might wad some tape up into a ball out of sticky tape for them to play with (and watch their little faces as they explore the 'stickiness' of the ball) . For a toddler, you may teach them how to wrap pressies using some newspaper/catalogues and a few boxes, or you could get them to put bits of tape on you as you call out the names of various body parts (eg: "can you find my nose/mouth/toes/elbows?") - good for younger toddlers.
Please post your game in the comments attached to this post, so we can inspire other parents with our ideas!


  1. Sounds like a great idea, I used to love the weekly unplugged project from another blog. It gives a great starting point and motivation for doing something different and helps for planning an activity.

    1. Thanks Michelle, unfortunately I stopped running this due to a lack of response. I may start it up again though, or link up to another blog that runs something similar. Watch this space! :D


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