Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sorting and Transferring

My little Miss E. is becoming very interested in money lately. I thought I had a few more years at least before she helped herself to my purse... Just kidding! She is fascinated in the different value of coins ("paper money is so boring, Mummy!") and the images on them, and she loves to count and stack any loose change she can get her hands on.

As it happens, we have a vase where we keep all our silver coins - 50 cents and under, for the non-Aussies, - so I hauled it out and gave Eden three containers for her to sort the different denominations into; one each for 5 cents, 10 cents and 20 cents. Eden felt that the dodecagon shape (12-sided) of the fifty cent piece made it special because it wasn't round like the other coins, so she put them in her music box. Ahem. Nice try, honey.

Whilst my eldest little Miss was busily playing banker, I laid down for a much needed preggy-mama rest! Oh wait, no I didn't! Ava wanted something special for her to do too, so I grabbed two plastic bowls, a tray, a spoon and my trusty bag of pom poms. Quick as a flash, a transferring activity was ready to go. Ava had a ball using the spoon to transfer the pom poms from bowl to bowl (and yes, occassionally into her mouth too)!

Thus did I buy myself 15 minutes of peace to rest. Ahhhh... Then Ava dumped the bowl of pom poms on my head.
Rest over.

Thanks for reading! ~ L.

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