Monday, February 27, 2012

'Activity'-Less Fun!

I'm a big believer in child-led play. Meaning, I chiefly follow my daughters lead when we play and I also offer different games/activities to broaden her experiences, but if she doesn't want to do an activity I have offered I don't push it (no matter how much time/effort I've put into preparing it. Ouch!).
As such, this week has been devoid of our usual activities because of Miss E's simple-play leanings (hence the quietude on the blogging front). So, here's a quick glimpse at what we have done this week...

Dress ups in Mummy's clothes (and jewellery, and shoes, and handbags...)

Stacking, knocking down, and placing nesting cups inside one another...

Having fun with costume dress-ups...

Exploring items on our Nature Tray and using new vocab. to describe them 
(how they feel/smell/look)...

Learning the concept of open and close with shoeboxes...

Apologies for the lack of 'action' shots'; I have not reached for the camera as often as I should, choosing instead to not disrupt the fun. In addition to the above, we have been:
  • Having pretend swordfights ("just like Peter Pan and Cap'n Jays [James] Hook! I'm Peter Pan 'cause he can fly. You can't, Mummy") .
  • Stretching large muscle groups with obstacle courses made of couch cushions, bar stools, a hula hoop and side tables.
  • Playing picnics with a tin tea-set and some sheets.
  • Playing Lego, Barbies and Polly-Pockets: all of which are somewhat unavoidable irreplaceable items in Eden's toy arsenal.
  • Enjoying the gorgeous weather and the fresh air at our local playgrounds.
I am hoping Miss E will be more inclined to try some new games this week, 'cause I have heaps of ideas I'm dying to try out.
Thanks for reading! ~ L.


  1. Very sweet post! I had a similar week with my boys and had a lot of pretend play and play outside. One day I was assigned to role of "Izzy" from Disney's Jake and the Never Land Pirates and my boys were "Peter Pan and Cubby". I even had to wear pink like Izzy. Fun times I wouldn't trade. We didn't get to 1/2 the lesson I had planned either. :) Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Trina! Love the role playing games, so sweet. Thanks for commenting, hope you've had a great week. :D

  2. I just wanted to let you know I passed along the One Lovely Blog award to you! You can see it here.

    Criss-Cross Applesauce

    1. Thank you so much Lisa! You've just made my day!!! :D


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