Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentines Day Playdough Treats

Ah, playdough, is there anything you can't do? As Valentine's Day is just around the corner, I thought that a batch of Valentine's Day playdough was in order (see here for Nurture Store's recipe). To the basic dough mix, we added some rosewater and some silver glitter for that extra special something, and pretty much as soon as the playdough was cool enough to handle, Eden was into it!

I provided a pretty platter (made of plastic - no worries about it being dropped), some patty pans, some beads (cut up from a rope from Christmas), pipecleaners and cookie cutters, and then stood back as my little patisserie chef 'baked' up a storm!
Here she is smooshing it around, trying to find different ways of making cakes and biscuits....

Experimenting with pipecleaner candles and patty pan 'icing'...

The tray of Valentine's Day treats, ready for packaging and distributing to our family! 

After giving some of these treats to her Great-Aunt, she says to my husband and I:
"Those were my playdough cupcakes? 
[Yes, darling.] 
They're just pretend cupcakes? 
[Yes, darling.] 
Someday they'll be real...."

So cute! Happy Valentine's Day everyone, and thanks for reading! ~ L.

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