Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Time, Folks!

EasEaster, Easter, Easter!
So many ideas, so little time. We have managed to squeeze in a few Easter-themed ideas, and here they are...

Making Easter Eggs
When I gave Eden a few Easter activity options, the first one she went for was making Easter eggs, of course. When I asked her why she wanted to make eggs first, she said “'Cause the Easter Bunny can't lay them all by himself!” (she doesn't even believe in the Easter Bunny, but that's imagination for you)!
We got out our silicone Easter-themed mold and went to work!
First I asked Eden to pack each mold with white choc melts (to gauge how much choccy we would need – of course I stuck a bit more in, just to be sure)...

We did the traditional thing of melting the chocolate in a stainless steel bowl over a saucepan of boiling water. Eden dropped the choc melts into the bowl for me, and desparately wanted to stir them, so I put a potholder over my hand and (awkardly) held my hand over the side of the saucepan, so she wouldn't burn herself my accident. Except I had to tell her that I was holding the pan to keep it warm, because she was getting upset whenever I tried to help her. *Sigh ;>
I spooned the melted chocolate into the molds, and Eden placed a drop of food colouring on top of each portion. We stirred the colour through the choccy with toothpicks – the original intention being to swirl the colours through, for a marbled effect, but Eden didn't like how that looked (“It's not finished!”).

Lastly, Munchkin sprinkled 100's and 1000's over the top, and we put it in the fridge to set. When they're set, we'll package them up in glassine bags, tied with pretty ribbon and Easter gift tags for our family.

Easter Egg Ornaments

I love it when I buy random craft supplies geared towards an upcoming Holiday with no clear thoughts on what to do with it! Such was the case when I recently picked up a bag of foam eggs from The Reject Shop – cool Easter project supplies. I think. What should I do with it? … Oh, snap! I have no idea!
I went with the first logical project I had in my head – non-logical or non-inspired ones including making garlands by threading the foam onto yarn (yeah, I know), painting them with acrylics (bor-ing), sticking one onto a skewer and then putting that into Easter baskets (but we're not doing Easter baskets this year). We pasted tissue paper squares onto them, to decorate! Woo Hoo!
Okay, perhaps not my most inspired idea, but in my defence they look nice!

Simply cut up various bits of tissue paper, lay them out with some glue, pop your foam egg in an egg-cup and let your tot at it!

My little girl was very upset about one minute into this activity because her fingers were “all dirty from the silly glue”. Naturally. I eventually managed to rectify this grievous travesty by putting a wet facewasher beside her, so she could wipe her hands after gluing each individual piece of tissue paper. What can I say, we're a clean family. When the eggs were dry, we pinned some nice white ribbon onto the tops to make hanging ornaments. Another gift for the fam.

That's all folks! I had a dozen ideas I didn't get to, we have had a busy few weeks, including making a cardboard crown with egg shapes stuck on it, making Easter bonnets from paper plates, the traditional painting hard-boiled eggs, making paper Easter baskets, and so on. Ah well, next year.

Happy Easter everyone!!
Thanks for reading! ~ L.

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