Monday, April 23, 2012

Leafy Business

Autumn has arrived in Australia (nearly two months ago, but let's not nitpick) and the trees have shed their leaves and transformed our local parks into bronze and gold wonderlands. If I sound a bit whimsical, I LOVE AUTUMN! True, I say that about every season, but for now, I LOVE AUTUMN!
On a recent stroll through the park, Eden collected a tidy pile of leaves, sticks, bark and gumnuts which she later deposited on our dining table with a proud "There you go, Mummy! It's for our art time!" Naturally, I had to find some sort of activity that would utilise the art provisions to her satisfaction.
Rummaging through my supplies, I stumbled upon some wax paper, and it was decided. We were going to make our own wrapping paper!

I taped a length of waxed paper (readily available at the supermarkets) shiny side up onto the table, and Eden arranged the leaves and the, um, the remains of the leaves she shredded onto the paper.

When she was happy with her artistic arrangement, I placed another length of waxed paper (shiny side down) on top, covered with a tea towel, and carefully ironed the paper so that it fused together around the leaves.

And that's it! We hung some paper up on the glass door to allow the light to stream through from behind, which looked lovely.
I think this would make nice accent wrapping paper, or you could put a cardboard frame around it and hang it in front of a window, or wrap an empty tissue box in it as a house for fairies/gnomes/miscellaneous small mythical creatures. Or you could try it with ribbons, scraps of paper or fabric, or photos. See what you can come up with!
Thanks for reading! ~ L.


  1. Thanks for stopping by No Twiddle Twaddle. I love this idea! I will have to pin it so that I can remember it when autumn comes to the USA.

    1. Thanks Bethany, I hope you're enjoying Spring on your side of the world! :D


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