Monday, September 24, 2012

Piggy Bank Practice

For whatever reason, little ones seem to LOVE putting coins in money boxes, taking them out, putting them in again. It's been a favourite game of Ava's for a while now, and of course requires supervision, especially if your child is into mouthing everything (which she is). So, I set out to make a tot-friendly version sans the choking hazard.

Initially, I was just going to cut one slot in the lid of a box for Ava to drop milk bottle caps into, but I ended up cutting a few slots for the caps and a few smaller ones for poking pom poms into. Ava hates the fuzzy feel of pom poms in her mouth, so I knew this was a relatively safe version for her. I suppose it went from being a 'Piggy Bank' type thing, to a 'Shape Sorter' type thing!
To make your own (*cinch*) just trace the outline of the milk bottle caps and/or pom poms onto the lid of a small box, cut out with a stanley knife, and you're away!

My box had bits of writing all over it, so I gave it a very quick coat of paint to make it look a bit more appealing...

... add milk bottle caps and pom poms, and it's all done and dusted!

I should add that my little Ava, unpredictable munchkin that she is, also finds it fun to try to lick the bottle caps... after she's slipped them through the slots. Yep, she loves the box for its intended purpose, but follows on with trying to stick her little toddler tongue in there too. As you do.

Thanks for reading! ~ L.

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