Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Quiet Time Boxes - Tuesday


Mothers of little boys, rejoice! After Monday's Girlie Girl Box, todays Quiet Box has unisex appeal! Now, onto Tuesday's Box ...

Theme: Exploration Tub

  • A File folder activity centred around Baby Animals, from a free download here at 1+1+1=1 (check out the site whilst you're there, it's amazing!)
  • Two 'Hunt' books: 'Wild Animal Hunt' and 'Bugs and Reptiles Hunt'. They are available from Kmart at $5 each, and have very cool pages - you stick a 'spotlight' inside a pocket of the picture pages, and it illuminates the images. Eden LOVED these! 
DSC_0249 DSC_0248
  • A Baby Animals picture book and sticker pack, which was given as a gift
  • Jumping Frog game in which you try to make the little frogs jump into the frog tray, which we already had
  • Binoculars ($1 from Kmart)
  • Snap bangle - remember these, or am I just showing my age? ... 21, by the way ;> - $2 from the $2 Shop
  • Another faceted viewing-tube-thing that is like looking through a crystal (which we had in Monday's box too)
  • Wooden animal threading beads and laces, which we also already had
  • Play telescope, already had
  • Box of shells and a few starfish for exploring with the magnifying glass, already had

  • DSC_0247

  • Box of coloured pencils for using with the File folder activity, already had
  • Mickey Mouse jigsaw puzzle, $1 from Sam's Warehouse ($2 for a pack of two)
  • Magnifying glass, which we already had

This was the most costly box to put together at $14, $10 of which was for the books, but it was worth it. My girl loved, and I do mean LOVED those books. We do not have a garden, but if we did I would have had flowers, leaves, sticks and rocks/pebbles in this box. I thought about putting in some toy animals but the girls play with these quite regularly so they would be missed in their normal playtime.

Quiet Time: Eden got another solid two hours of play with this one, and she didn't want to stop; I actually had to ask her to stop playing and pack up (never happens)!


I hope this has helped someone out there, and I encourage you to give it a try if your children no longer nap or maybe just need a little alone time in their day. 

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Thanks for reading, and happy Quiet Time Playing! ~ L.

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